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geosynthetic clay liners

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low maintenance


clay liners

  • A manufactured hydraulic barrier consisting of clay (sodium bentonite) bonded to a layer or layers of geosynthetics
  • Typically 3.0 to 6.0 kg/m2 sodium bentonite clay
  • Very low permeability
  • Self-healing if punctured
  • Replaces compacted clay liners
  • Hydraulically equivalent to 0.6 meters of compacted clay in many applications
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  • GCLs can be installed in extreme temperatures that would prevent compaction of a clay liner
  • May be limited due to weather constraints for overlying geomembrane welding

Why is bentonite a good

liner material ?

  • It swells when hydrated
  • Bentonite swells up to 15 times its original volume if unconfined.
  • Bentonite expands and conforms to irregular surfaces, penetrations, and infiltrates cracks and voids.

swimming ponds

  • We can provide GCLs for contractors 
  • We can provide a turnkey solution 
  • GCLs are factory-controlled materials, with uniform bentonite distribution and hydraulic performance